can we say at any point Is the title of this article shocking?

Indeed, when a 1TB stockpiling cell phone sells for less than $400

So what do we expect? Ever since Xiaomi has given information about the price of this Redmi Note 12 Super,

since then it has been public information

That the company will be fighting with a stockpile of 1TB variants.

At present, the authority deals yet to start

(Starts tomorrow) And this adaptation is still hard to come by. chinese brand, Redmi has since reported

That the Redmi Note 12 Super will officially start the deals tomorrow at 10:00 (Chinese time).

As far as the models are concerned, the Redmi Note 12 Super has four variants

And there's also Harry Potter Extraordinary Edition.

The entry-level model, 8GB + 256GB, sells for 1999 yuan ($290)

However, the main focus of this gadget is the top-end 16GB slam and 1TB storage that retails for only ₹2599 ($377).