Beyond PS is one of three PS5 and PS4 games announced so far as the original Game of the Month for April,

So let us try to predict the other two games.

So far on PS's agenda with the Meet Your Creator Prize, in addition to the original endorsers,

We're logging our expectations for April 2023 games on PS5 and PS4 plus two other 'freebies' month-to-month PS .

Could a game make the best PS Plus game if they actually appeared on Support?

A chance to collect those Sifu rewards through fundamentals along with PS would be a blessing from heaven for those people,

Who's taken a look at our Best of PS5 games show (it's on PS4 too).

The action game brings tons of action and awesomeness to the screen

And some often stick together with unrelated pieces.

It'll be an incredible single-player counter to Meet Your Creator's multiplayer.

However, this is a dangerous theory.