One in five households with pre-installment meters cover bills

have not exchanged their energy vouchers given to them to help them

About 380,000 vouchers were displayed in the information seen by the BBC.

Which was 19% of the total households were not retrieved in that mood every month in November.

This implies that as much as £50m of government support for energy has gone unclaimed by the completely defenceless.

Other things the public authority has done to ensure energy firms

To ensure that customers get the assistance they deserve.

"When a voucher is not recovered,

So providers should make at least three attempts to reach the customer,

Also a method which may include post, email and instant messaging," it said.

It also said that customers can get the vouchers reissued by contacting their energy provider.

even if it is over. A re-issued voucher will remain valid much longer than the date of expiry.

The Energy Backing Plan gives £400 to every household in England.

Most households in the UK, Scotland and Ribes pay their energy bills through direct charges.

covered by and receiving around £66 a month, Knock down your bills or deposits into your records naturally.