Microsoft delivers crisis fixes for "aCropalypse" Windows 10 and 11 security flaws

which allows malicious entertainers to reveal unedited items in an edited screen capture.

By Windows 11's Cutting Devices and Windows 10's Clip and Sketch applications, Bleeping PC reports

The security weakness was caused by not properly eliminating edited picture information when overwriting the first record.

The incompleteness, noticed by resigned programmer Chris Bloom, raised serious concerns that agitators could recover unique undocumented files.

and thus access private data, for example, charge card details or passwords.

In an announcement to Bleeping PC about the bug, Microsoft said on Saturday,

"We have released a security update for these devices via CVE-2023-28303. We recommend customers apply the update."

Security updates can be downloaded by opening the Microsoft Store and tapping "Get Updates" before "Library".

According to security analysts who addressed Bleeping PCs,

The number of public images affected by the Acropleps bug is likely to be "much higher" than 4,000.

On its real blog for Security Refresh, Microsoft characterizes the vulnerability as "low" in severity.