Laura Leggett Linney was brought into the world on February 5, 1964, in a theater family in New York City.

His father was the prominent writer Romulus Linnaeus,

whose own incredible grandfather had been a senator from North Carolina.

His mother, Miriam Anderson (Leggett), is a medical carer.

Despite the fact that she did not live in her father's house

(Her parents separated when she was a newborn),

Linney's reality revolved somewhat around her vocation from an early age.

She dropped out of Earthy Colored College in 1986 and

focused on acting at Juilliard and the Human Expressions Theater School in Moscow.

and from there landed a vocation on the Broadway stage

and gained good notice for his work in plays such as "Hedda Gabler". and "Six Levels of Division".

Linney's film career began in the mid-1990s with minor roles in Lorenzo's Oil (1992) and Dave (1993).

She took over the role of Mary Anne Singleton in the PBS film adaptations of Armistead Maupin's "Stories of the City" series.

He was cast in Stories of the City (1993), More Stories of the City (1998) and Further Stories of the City (1998).