A highly rated PS4 game is currently available for cheap on the PlayStation Store,

And as a result, is temporarily available for only $0.59.

For $0.59 you can hardly buy anything in the current monetary environment, not to mention computer games.

Between now and April 13th, that's exactly what PS4 and PS5 users can do,

Enjoy 90% off on Sagebrush. it's a pity

That said, the game's various forms — the Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One adaptations, all the more obviously — haven't been limited.

Created and distributed by Redact Games in 2018,

Sagebrush is the first personal experience game with disgusting components. how well the game sold,

We don't have the vaguest idea, but it resonated with people who played it according to Steam client surveys.

After 174 customer surveys, the game boasts an "extremely certain" customer survey rating, with 94% of customers rating the game the latter.

That's just one percent below the unusual "mainly fixed" edge.

"Animated by authentic clans, Sagebrush is a first-person story-driven experience game