WWE WrestleMania 39 was looking shaky so far for Night 2 at that point,

And it all went on to screw Edge and "The Evil Spirit" Finn Balor to settle things in a Damnation in a Cell match!

As Edge builds his most recent rebound after being booted on Day of Atonement,

That's why his focus is on Finn Balor. Balor was the man

who helped remove Edge from the Day of Atonement when he joined the congregation,

And Edge is taking advantage of her more obscure sides to make sure

that Balor learn his drawing. All of this made them both perfectly prepared to take on the Devil of Finn Balor.

becoming "Brood Edge", prompting her to delve into her dangerous self alongside Edge.

Damnation in a Cell saw the two enter the penultimate enclosure,

And from that point the whole hullabaloo continued. once again the edge believed

that Baelor must direct the Devil to settle their blood feud,

And a lot of good did the one who did it. When they reached the cell,

So Balor's Evil Presence shook up everything Edge had done with him.