A critical episode has been declared after nearly 200 barrels of supply liquid, including oil, went overboard in Poole Harbor in Dorset.

Poole Harbor officials (PHC) said a break occurred in a pipeline worked by Perenco under Overse Sound on Sunday.

The general population is not encouraged to swim in Poole Harbor or the surrounding area until further notice.

Perenko said that there would be a "full investigation" of what had happened.

Poole is the largest general port in Europe and a Site of Unique Logical Interest (SSI).

Which is home to the realm of swimming birds.

In a clarification the PHC said: "It has been assessed

That approximately 200 barrels of repository liquid water has been delivered to the section in Poole Harbour.

"Anyone who has come in contact with the leak should wash immediately with cleanser and water. If eyes have come in contact with the leak,

So they should be washed with water."

It added that it had implemented its oil slick system and the pipeline was shut down,