Cecil the lion’s two brothers, Humba and Netsai, are now at risk of being trophy hunted after they were exiled from their pride. 

Cecil was a beloved African lion who rose to fame in 2015 after 

he was killed by an American trophy hunter named Walter Palmer.  

The lion’s brothers, Humba and Netsai, took over Cecil’s pride and home range in Hwange National Park shortly after his death. 

But now, they risk suffering the same fate as their brother. 

The pair were ousted from their territory by a group of five lions dubbed by locals “the Baggage Handlers,” 

the Facebook community World Heritage Species said. One of Cecil’s 

last remaining sons is a member of the group. Since then, Humba and Netsai have been spotted wandering outside the national park,  

World Heritage Species said. They are under no protection,