A point-by-point update has stripped down everything that's coming in Current Fighting 2 and Disaster Area 2.0.

To the point when Season 2 kicks off a week from now.

Although Activision and Westness Ward have refreshed and

Has shared a lot of data regarding the new pay hike:

Disaster Area 2.0 and its DMZ mode for Season 2,

They haven't expressed anything about the important mission at hand: Battle of present day 2.

Currently, however, Activision has released a vast majority of them all.

breakdown which players from the upcoming season,

over two games, and taking into account that Disaster Area 2.0 still has the vast majority,

Fans currently have a valid idea of what's in store for Current Fighting 2.

Position Play including Weapon Game and No-Nonsense and seven more in progress

In addition to the much-anticipated choice of interaction mode,