Shares of Logic fell nearly 12% on Wednesday afternoon after a report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo,

In which it is said that the haptic sensor of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro

Touch technology will not be used as much as was initially expected.

Cirrus' technology and components help power Apple's haptic touch system,

which are used to replace physical buttons,

Such as the Home button on some iPhones, with touch-sensitive buttons that mimic the way button pushes feel.

Cirrus' relationship with its "biggest customer", widely acknowledged to be Apple,

That provided about 88% of its revenue for the most recent quarter.

Kuo previously said that Apple would expand its use of Cirrus' technology beyond Haptic Touch

and will replace the physical volume buttons with solid-state technology. But on Tuesday evening

In his most recent note posted, Kuo said that "unresolved