ChatGPT is controlling Bing visit search highlights,

This is due to a restrictive agreement between Microsoft and OpenAI.

That's a big bummer, considering that Bing Jump has taken over the long-standing search giant

First of all, for Google to add artificial intelligence to its system,

Indicated a decline in costs on Google's part.

Google has been frantic to get up to speed,

Allegedly calling a "Code Red" gathering a few months before the answer was required.

The result was Google's "Minstrel" chatbot,

Joe has been the subject of some derision ever since for his awkward reactions and trouble figuring out the setting.

Also, currently, we have one more piece of discussion to add to the Versifier pile.

According to a report by TheInformation (Opens in new tab),

A "noteworthy" human-made intelligence expert at Google has left the firm out of caution

that Google's own Troubadour framework is using data from OpenAI's ChatGPT without approval.